Lutron QSE-CI-DMX Control Interface

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The QSE-CI-DMX operates either in a standalone QS system or a Quantum system. It performs different functions depending on the system in which it is operating.
QS Standalone System The QSE-CI-DMX control interface allows zones on a GRAFIK Eye QS to control DMX512-controlled devices.
Any zone on the GRAFIK Eye QS can be mapped to either a single DMX512 channel or to three separate DMX512 channels, for RGB / CMY color-control applications.
Quantum System The DMX channels (maximum of 32) are mapped to Quantum zones, and can be programmed as 1-channel lighting, 1-channel integration, or 3-channel RGB / CMY. If the QSE-CI-DMX is part of a Quantum system, GRAFIK Eye QS zones cannot be programmed to control DMX

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